How Barbara Will Tailor
a Program for You

Barbara starts planning your program based on the experience she has gained in over 25 years in business and health care. She will use a detailed Pre-Program Questionnaire to help her understand your specific work environment. She will then follow up with in-depth telephone interviews with participants who will be attending her program to identify the issues, opportunities and challenges they are facing in their workplace today.

Barbara will then take the insights and feedback she receives from the interviews and weave them into the content of her program. Barbara’s presentation style is high energy, and her “tell in like it is” programs are filled with humor and personal insights. Her commitment to provide the best possible value for her client is reflected in her repeat programs for many clients.

Your audience will take home a message that is right on target for them, along with specific, IMMEDIATELY applicable strategies they can implement to stay motivated and competitive in this rapidly changing business environment.