Barbara’s Popular Programs Include:

Creating Tomorrow’s Opportunities Out of Today’s Changes

This powerful keynote examines the “human side” of change, and implements a 4-step plan to move from change-victim to change-maker. It is a high energy, humorous, fast-paced presentation that motivates participants to make focused changes that will position them for the future. This keynote will set an upbeat forward-looking tone for your meeting, and can be expanded for a hands-on, interactive breakout session.

“Change is a fact of life in managed care! The most important part of your talk to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy was in helping us see that no matter how much we eliminate, automate or downsize, people are the most important asset that any organization has.”

Kenneth J. Bykowski, MS, RPh
Clinical Pharmacy Manager

The Power of a Vision…A Leader’s Journey

In an era of unprecedented change, business leaders are facing the challenge of formulating and articulating a vision of the future that employees can buy into. Participants will learn specific strategies for generating and sustaining commitment to a shared vision. We will explore the leadership style that stresses values and integrity and builds trust in an organization. Leaders will examine their own challenge in embracing change and the effect that has on an organization. This inspirational keynote can be expanded for a breakout session or roundtable discussion.

“Your presentation received the highest rating of any of our Management Retreat speakers, (and we’ve had several.) You are a powerful speaker with a clear understanding of what is needed for leaders in today’s changing environment.”

Marlene Beck
Bridgeport Hospital,
Yale New Haven Health

Championship Teams…Creating a Mindset of Excellence

This program looks at the dynamics of a team, and explores the 9 characteristics of a championship team. Participants will learn how to uncover and re-direct the “hidden agendas” of difficult team members, and explore how excellence can be achieved when a team operates from the concept of shared responsibility, accountability and caring. This can be presented as a breakout session, or a more interactive, hands-on full-day workshop or Management Retreat.

“Your audience was made up of managers from the major corporations in Sao Paulo, and your segment on uncovering the “hidden agendas” of team members was an eye-opener for us. Thank you for your practical, down-to-earth strategies for achieving team excellence, and the warmth and personal insights you shared in bringing your message to us.”

Andre Paulo Hermann
Sao Paulo, Brazil

LOVE Your Work and LIVE Your Life, Too!

This humorous and fast-paced keynote looks at the distinct possibility of being dedicated to your work and having a personal life, too. We laughingly and lovingly look at the work-driven personality, and participants will learn 8 success-proven life balance strategies so that personal and professional goals complement, not conflict, with each other. This is a great talk to open or close your Conference.

“Your presentation was right on target! The attendees were talking about your 8 life balance strategies throughout the Conference.”

Deborah Pio
Credit Managers Association of California

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