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December 2008
Some Holiday Thoughts

At this holiday season, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support, your business and your friendship throughout this year. Once again I have had the honor and privilege to witness first-hand the dedication and commitment you have to your professions. It has been a tumultuous year, to say the least. My thoughts and prayers are with those of you who have lost your jobs, and I hope next year will be a year of new beginnings and new hope for the future. On a personal note, I am thankful that I still have my home. As you may have read, we had a terrible fire in Santa Barbara, CA last month, and over 200 homes were destroyed. It was scary for awhile, but thank God, our home was not in the fire's path.

As we get set to enjoy the blessed peace that is Christmas, the burning flame of hope that is Hanukkah, and whatever other holiday you may celebrate, let us remember that life itself is a blessing. As we celebrate our various religious traditions, let us remember, too, that we live in a country where we can do so, without fear of punishment, arrest or retribution. I am saddened at the pessimistic tone of some of the greeting cards I have received, but I can certainly understand it. A number of us have been hit hard in many different ways. However, with a new beginning, there is always a path that will open up to reveal a road not yet taken. This road can lead us to the next phase in our journey of purpose and renewal.

As we take this journey together, I will be here, hopefully able to help you along the way with some motivation, inspiration and practical strategies to keep you on top of your careers and professions. If there are issues you would like me to address in my Newsletters in 2009, please let me know. I want these Newsletters to continue being of interest and value to you. If you have an issue or situation you would like to discuss, you can be sure others are dealing with it as well. Please remember, all requests to remain anonymous are respected.

Peace and joy to you all.

About the Author

Barbara Mintzer is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant with over 30 years in business and healthcare. She speaks from experience! Her how-to programs provide participants with immediately applicable skills and strategies for getting buy-in and commitment from staff and staying on top of their professions in today's competitive and constantly changing workplace. Barbara presents keynote talks and breakout sessions for international, national, regional and state Conferences. She also conducts management retreats and in-house seminars. She facilitates panel discussions and roundtables and can be a master of ceremonies for your event...a good investment for your meeting budget. To explore the possibility of having Barbara speak at your next event, or work with your staff/leadership team, please contact her office.

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