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December 2009
End-of-the-Year Newsletter

As I sit down to write this End-of-the-Year Newsletter, I can't believe it has been six months since I last touched base with you. This year has just flown by, filled with laughter and tears; joy and worry; sadness and happiness; all a part of the world we find ourselves in today. This year has been a bitter-sweet one for me, as I have heard heart-wrenching stories as I traveled across the country assisting organizations and teams in making change work.

I have seen the effects of layoffs and reductions in hours and wages, and it leaves me with a heavy heart. I am called in after the fact, to help organizations manage the change once it has been put in effect. However, when the "bottom line" is king, there is nothing I can do to stop management from taking the pragmatic steps necessary to make an organization viable and competitive in today's marketplace. So, that has been the downside of this year.

The upside is that I am continually amazed at the resilience and creativity of today's workforce in making change work for the better. Many teams are now "getting down to business" and working more cohesively than ever before to achieve the vision set out for them by their managers. No doubt we have all come through this year a little wiser and a little less naive than we were a year ago. Good for we are poised to be in charge as we turn this recession around, however slowly, in 2010. I am reminded of what Oprah Winfrey said when she announced she would be ending her show in 2011:

"I don't know what the future holds,
but I know who holds it."

You hold the future! Regardless of what happens on the outside, you have the fortitude, determination, and the will to make your lives successful and rewarding, and I am here to help you. In my new program Making Change Work we will discuss three questions we all should be asking ourselves today in order to stay on top of our careers. This is a fast-paced, tell-it-like-it-is program that will help you make focused decisions today to put you in a more powerful position tomorrow. It is a hands-on, participative program that puts YOU in the driver's seat, and you leave with a game plan for success. If you want more information on this program, please contact me.

For now, please accept my warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday.Whether you will be sleddng in the snow, basking on the beach, or running in the rain, may you experience the joy and wonderment of this season, and may 2010 be a year of peace for all God's children.

About the Author

Barbara Mintzer is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant with over 30 years in business and healthcare. She speaks from experience! Her how-to programs provide participants with immediately applicable skills and strategies for getting buy-in and commitment from staff and staying on top of their professions in today's competitive and constantly changing workplace. Barbara presents keynote talks and breakout sessions for international, national, regional and state Conferences. She also conducts management retreats and in-house seminars. She facilitates panel discussions and roundtables and can be a master of ceremonies for your event...a good investment for your meeting budget. To explore the possibility of having Barbara speak at your next event, or work with your staff/leadership team, please contact her office.

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