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May 2005
The Importance of Determining Your Corporate Values

Last month I had the privilege of keynoting the Annual Conference of the Ohio Association of School Nurses in Akron , Ohio .  It was a wonderful Conference, and I am delighted that 98 attendees have signed on to receive my monthly Newsletter.

Welcome aboard! This month marks the end of my second year of writing these Newsletters. Since many of you receiving this Newsletter have not been with me from the beginning, for this Newsletter I am going to give you the VALUES STATEMENT I gave you in my very first Newsletter in June, 2003. The information and message it contains is more pertinent now than ever before.

As you know, it is my firm belief that as a leader you must be able to formulate and articulate a vision for your staff to follow if you want people working for you who are engaged, enthused, energetic and committed to "something bigger than themselves." However, before you can formulate this vision, you must get in touch with the corporate values of your organization. What beliefs and behaviors does your workplace value? Your corporate vision will be a direct reflection of those corporate values. A number of years ago, I worked with the leadership team of the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo , CA . I was very impressed with their VALUES STATEMENT and share their STATEMENT with you. The values expressed in this STATEMENT hold true for any organization in any industry.


Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center

Demonstrate Respect

We believe each person is a unique expression and therefore inherently valuable.

We focus on the care we provide to patients, treating them with dignity, respect and compassion.

We acknowledge the unique gifts and diversity of our physicians and employees and seek to integrate those talents in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We are accountable to the organization, to our patients and to each other.

Foster Integrity

We believe truth and honesty guide our thoughts and our actions at all times.

We are individually responsible for what we do and say.

We build relationships based on trust.

We create an environment that promotes the open and honest exchange of ideas.

Embrace Change

We believe innovation and change must be welcomed and nurtured in order for our organization to increase its capacity to learn and progress.

We encourage the development of a questioning ways of thinking about everything we do.

We are committed to be flexible and continually responsive to changes in the environment.

We push on the existing boundaries and challenge ourselves to exceed our own expectations and those of others.

Enhance Value

We ensure quality and cost effectiveness, which are not incompatible, but rather interdependent concepts. We expect accountability for excellence in performance and for adherence to professional and organizational standards.

We create a work environment that helps people realize their full potential.

We constantly search for productivity and process improvement consistent with our commitment to quality.

We monitor and evaluate our delivery of care, our business operations and our organizational climate to ensure they meet the needs of those we serve.

Lead Through Partnership

We lead with our partners to build strategic alliances in order to effectively meet our communities' and nation's healthcare needs.

We recognize that individual, institutional and societal interests are often in tension; we are committed to being an advocate for what is right, recognizing that in every case we must discern how the good of the whole can best be served.

We seek to establish mutually beneficial and accountable partnerships based on shared values.

We are dedicated to working for a health system that is accessible and affordable to all.

What a terrific Values Statement! Yours may not be as in-depth, and it doesn't have to be. Sit down with the above Statement and reflect on each value in the Statement. Which ones resonate with you and the organization you work with? Get feedback from your staff and the other members of your leadership team. Write a VALUES STATEMENT that is reflective of YOUR organization and its most cherished values. 

We've had a lot to think about in this Newsletter. If your organization has a set of values that you would like me to share with my readers, please let me know. We all learn from each other. If you have any insights or feedback you would like to share with me, I'd love to hear from you. All requests for confidentiality will be respected. If you wish to pass this Newsletter along to a colleague who may find it of value, feel free to do so. If that person would like to receive the Newsletter, e-mail me with the address, and I will put it on my database. Have a wonderful month.

About the Author

Barbara Mintzer is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant with over 30 years in business and health care. She speaks from experience! Her how-to programs provide participants with immediately applicable skills and strategies for getting buy-in and commitment from staff and staying on top of their professions in today's competitive and constantly changing workplace. Barbara presents keynote talks and breakout sessions for international, national, regional and state Conferences. She also conducts management retreats and in-house seminars. She facilitates panel discussions and roundtables at the same meeting...a good investment for your meeting budget. To explore the possibility of having Barbara speak at your next event, or work with your staff/leadership team, please contact her office.

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